Feeling on top of the world

Wow! So this weekend me, my fiancé and a good friend went to a wedding fayre.

My jaw dropped as I saw that Allure Bridals was there, excitement rushed through my veins.

I was good though, did all the cars, cakes and suits for my man before I left him, with some food may I add; whilst I went to try on my very first wedding dress. Firstly it was super embarrassing because I didn’t plan for this, underwear wise! I wasn’t planning on trying on dresses because we are still looking for a venue!

So first things first, we got a card and was able to try on 3 different gowns. As it was ,y first time I wanted to try on different styles, so I picked a aline, mermaid and another mermaid which was more unique.

First up was a beautiful a-line dress, in blush with some lace detailing. I cried, it all came clear to me that I will be marrying my man at some point. I felt like a princess. But also like an idiot for crying! I even tired it on with a veil, it was so beautiful. But I was left wanting more, I felt like everyone has some sort of dress like this. So off it was to the second dress.

The second, I can’t really remember. It was pretty, filled with lace. But that’s all, my heart wasn’t with it.

Then came the finale, wow. I was speechless, I didn’t even think I would like something so different and unique. I tried it on because I was intrigued, not because I thought I would like it, I mean LOVE IT! I felt sexy,beautiful and bridal all at once. Dress 19. You will be mine. I wanted to sign on the dotted line there an then, but thought I should consult with the fiancé first. That didn’t go right to plan haha, fair enough really because we haven’t got the venue! It is crazy, I keep looking at the pictures took by my friend, I am in love.

Dress 19. I’ve actually dreamt about you.

is this normal for the third dress?


Let’s get on it!

Ive done it, over much deliberation; I have signed up for The 90daysss programme. I’m currently doing my questionnaire and food diary. And y’know what I sure as hell don’t eat enough! No wonder I constantly fall at the first hurdle, I am not fueling my body with as much as I should do. Which is probably why I am so tired and lathargic all of the time! Also, there is a section about Malnutriton, I’m definitely ruining my body and didn’t even realise, I ticked most of those boxes. 

Headaches,insomnia,bloatedness,cracked lips…the list goes on. It’s so sad not realising before this that I’m not giving my body, my engine what it needs. 

Why? Why do we do this to ourselves, I bet I am not the only one who does this! Two words… SOCIAL MEDIA. Telling not only females but males too that beauty is a certain image. Females should try every fad diet their is to look like a Victoria secrets model, but In fact they are just ruining their body! And the sad thing is, a lot of the time what they become is never good enough, stirring loads of emotions and sometimes developing an eating disorder. We believe that once we hit this weight and image our confidence will be lifted and we will be radiant. Bollocks.  The reason we started these fad diets is because we already have low self-esteem thinking that what and who we are isn’t good enough, well we are!  We should be proud of WHO we are, start to think more about our values and what we want in life. Anyone will treasure that in life over your Victoria secrets body. 

Which is why I’m starting this 90daysss plan to become fitter and healthier. Fair enough I do want to tone and loose a little weight, which totally goes against what I’ve just said haha. But the main reason is because I want to educate myself, I want to know what I should be eating and when. People have spoke about their skin getting better, their energy lifting and it becoming a lifestyle not a fad diet. That is what I need. I want to be running around fit and healthy until I’m 90 odd! 

So when my plan comes through, think it will be a good week or so yet as I’m still doing my questionnaire, I will keep you all posted! I know for sure the hardest bit is going to be cutting down on my Caffeine intake and cutting out ALCOHOL. How does anyone do that to wine 😍.
Peace out! 

Fitness Failures! 

Hello there on this yet again dreary day in Manchester, but hey ho! Us folks are used to it now and can not complain! But what I am going to complain about though are my tremendous fitness failures, these are all my fault; I am not going to try and pretend that there are other reasons. The main reason why I always ‘fail’ is I get so bored with routines! I thought fitness programmes were supposed to motivate, but they do completely the opposite with me. 

So, I have decided that I will make up my own fitness routine which is; do whatever the hell I want on that day, just as long as I get up, move and enjoy it! I really enjoy doing insanity so I will be doing a mixture of T25, Max 30, Pilates and dance. Here’s the sneaky thing, because I have wrote this, it means I will and have to go through with this 🙂 And here is the extra sneaky thing, I am going to post tomorrow my starting picture…motivational and all that. 

But as everyone says, the work isn’t just in the gym, it’s in the kitchen too! And when your house is filled with the smell of homemade bread it is pretty hard. So that is where the hardwork comes in, but I am going to keep making healthier choices as they say. The hardest thing for myself is I should probably set myself a meal plan, I am very much a grazer and sip on cups of tea all day. Bad I know. It can be three o’clock and I haven’t eaten a proper meal, just a few snacks here and there. Yes, I do know this bad and it isn’t going to get my body tight and toned, especially when I snack on fruit. I do understand nutrition and I think I am quite nifty at giving nutritional advice, just ashame I don’t follow through with these tips myself!

Here is an expample of a super bad day, which was unfortunately today (hence this post).

Exercise: T25

Breakfast: handful of Grapes

Lunch: Slice of gammon

Snack: Peanut butter

Tea: gammon, pineapple, egg, sautéed leek and cabbage with jacket potato.

So I know I need to up my intake but also my exercise on days when I am not teaching/working! 

So I’ll keep blogging with my fitness and food days and hopefully some results in the next few months:)

Ta Dah! 

One of the most satisfying things in life is finding an awesome bargain at the charity shop!

 As fellow people from England will know, especially from the dreary North; we rarely see the sun. So buying a new coat in July is definitely not frowned upon, especially when it was only…wait for it…. £5.99!  I know, I nearly fainted too. A cracking coat from River Island for that price. The funny thing is, I have been mooching for an oversized coat like this for a while, but definitely hated the idea of paying full price. It was fate

Remember those crazy days in school where people used to snigger at the thought of buying clothes from the charity shops? I was one of those kids! Ha, how small minded I was, you can get some awesome finds for a fraction of the price and you’re giving some money to charity too. WIN WIN.